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Mira Bella Premieres March 24 on ABS-CBN Primetime Bida (Full Trailer)

Posted on March 15, 2014 | 2:17 PM

ABS-CBN has released the full trailer of upcoming teleserye Mira Bella starring Julia Barretto, Enrique Gil and Sam Concepcion. The said trailer shows how Julia's character got her wooden complexion and how she was treated differently.

Mira Bella Premieres March 24 on ABS-CBN Primetime Bida (Full Trailer)

Mira Bella also stars Pokwang, John 'Sweet' Lapus, Mika dela Cruz, Gloria Diaz, James Blanco, Mylene Dizon and with the special participation of Dimples Romana. Directed by Jerome Pobocan, Erick Salud, and Jojo Saguin, Mira Bella premieres March 24 on ABS-CBN Primetime Bida repalcing Annaliza.

Watch the full trailer of Mira Bella below featuring the theme song Sabihin Mo Sa Akin performed by Klarisse de Guzman.

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Julia Barretto and Enrique Gil Fall for Each Other in 'Mira Bella'

Posted on March 11, 2014 | 9:56 PM

Kapamilya stars Julia Barretto and Enrique Gil are set to capture the hearts of primetime TV viewers as they team up for the first time in ABS-CBN’s upcoming fantasy series “Mira Bella,” which premieres this March.

Julia Barretto and Enrique Gil team up in 2014's official summer teleserye Mira Bella

“All artists, especially newcomers like me, dream to have our own teleserye. And with this opportunity given to me by ABS-CBN, I promise to do my best for our show,” said Julia.

Like Julia, Enrique admitted that he is also excited for the premiere of “Mira Bella.”

“This is my first ever fantaserye and I can’t wait to share it with the viewers. It’s a new experience that has taught me new things and has given me the chance to work with other great actors for the first time. It is very refreshing,” he said.

Meanwhile, Julia and Enrique shared that they believe that the primetime audience will enjoy the narrative of their program. “’Mira Bella’ is perfect for the whole family this upcoming summer season. It is a story about family, love, and acceptance. TV viewers, especially the younger generation, will surely learn a lot from our story,” Julia shared.

Julia will portray the character of a young girl cursed to have a wood-like skin named Mira, who is secretly admired by her blind best friend Jeremy, who will be played by Enrique.

Despite her extraordinary characteristic, Mira grows up as an obedient and kind-hearted child because of her stepparents Osang (Pokwang) and Paeng (John ‘Sweet’ Lapus).

Also joining Julia, Enrique, Sweet, and Pokwang in “Mira Bella” are Sam Concepcion, Mylene Dizon, James Blanco, Mika dela Cruz, and Gloria Diaz. It is directed by Erick Salud, Jojo Saguin, and Jerome Pobocan.

“Mira Bella” is the newest masterpiece of Dreamscape Entertainment Television, the group that created the phenomenal drama series “Walang Hanggan,” top-rating superhero teleserye “Juan dela Cruz,” and the timely series “Honesto,” which is already nearing its finale.

Don’t miss the beginning of a beautiful love story in “Mira Bella” this March on ABS-CBN Primetime Bida.

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Enrique, Sam and Julia in Mira Bella Pictorial Behind-The-Scenes (Video)

Posted on January 23, 2014 | 8:16 PM

ABS-CBN is gearing up for Mira Bella, the much-awaited launching teleserye of Julia Barretto. In the series, Julia will be paired with heartthrobs Sam Concepcion and Enrique Gil.

Julia Barretto is Mira Bella. Malapit na sa ABS-CBN Primetime Bida

Just recently, Julia, Sam and Enrique had their pictorial for the series together with the other members of the cast including Pokwang, James Blanco, Mylene Dizon, Gloria Diaz, Arlene Muhlach, DJ Durano, and Mika dela Cruz.

Under the direction of Jerome Pobocan, Erick Salud, and Jojo Saguin, Mira Bella is coming to ABS-CBN Primetime Bida very soon. Check out the behind-the-scenes footage of the said pictorial below.

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Why Nash Aguas is Getting All the Girls' Attention in LUV U

Posted on August 22, 2013 | 9:47 AM

Nash Aguas’ character, Benj Jalbuena, is getting a load of attention from the girls as Lexie (Alexa Ilacad) and Marj (Mika dela Cruz) set their sights on spending time and getting attention from the school’s resident bad boy on Sunday’s (August 25) episode of “LUV U”.

Nash Aguas, Mika dela Cruz and Alexa Ilacad in a Triangle?

A dance performance during the school’s celebration of “Buwan ng Wika” pairs Benj and Marj together again. The two, who are also study partners, catch glaring looks from Lexie, whom Benj recently saved from her phobia of fires. 

Lexie begins to question why the two are always partners for school activities, and finds herself jealous that Benj’s attention is on Marj. Wondering why she feels that way, she begins to ask herself what emotions she really has for Benj.

While all of this is taking place, Shirley (Sharlene San Pedro) notices all the tension going on between Lexie, Marj and Benj. She sees that something is developing. In the meantime, she and Drake (Jairus Aquino) have been spending lots of time together as well. Drake always treats Shirley out during break times.

Love teams getting clearer in LUV U

Is Drake beginning to show signs of affection to one of the girls as well? Now that people are beginning to notice, will Benj finally choose which among the girls he is really interested in?

Find out on this Sunday’s (August 25) episode of “LUV U”, airing on ABS-CBN Channel 2 after “ASAP 18″.

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Alexa Ilacad Jealous of Nash Aguas and Mika dela Cruz' Closeness

Posted on August 17, 2013 | 8:54 AM

Members of the hit teen series “LUV U” develop childish feelings toward each other. Alexa Ilacad is now being jealous because of the closeness of Nash Aguas and Mika dela Cruz.

Alexa Ilacad Jealous of Nash Aguas and Mika dela Cruz

This week’s episode of “LUV U” zooms in on Benj (Nash Aguas), who still yearns for attention from his parents. With the advice of Ms. Betty (Eda Nolan) who tells him that if he pulls up his grades, his parents might show up on report card day, Benj decides to find a study partner to help him out. 

Benj chooses to ask for help from Marj (Mika dela Cruz), and by studying together, the two become friends. However, Lexie (Alexa Ilacad) seems not to like the idea of the two becoming close, and she becomes jealous, accusing Benj that he is only using Marj.

It can be recalled that Lexie found a friend in Benj when she was rescued by the latter. In the past episode, Benj was somehow attracted to Marj and wanted to also befriend her.

Don't miss this Sunday’s (August 18) kilig episode of “LUV U” airing on ABS-CBN Channel 2 after “ASAP 18”.

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Nash Aguas Attracted to One of the Girls in LUV U; Is it Sharlene or Mika?

Posted on August 10, 2013 | 9:23 AM

Following another feud between Benj (Nash Aguas) and Lexie (Alexa Ilacad), it looks like the leader of The Breakers finds another one of the girls attractive, and this week’s episode of “LUV U” is set to reveal just what exactly he likes when it comes to the young ladies.

Nash Aguas Attracted to One of the Girls in LUV U

Benj and Lexie aren’t on good terms again because of the selfish series of pranks that Nash had been pulling off. She totally forgets about just letting things pass and forgets to understand that Benj has his own issues at home. Benj still has a a lot to admit—and it’s about time he starts owning up to things.

Leading up to one of Benj’s confessions is an event from last week’s episode, where a graffiti drawing was found on the wall of the boys’ bathroom, which shows Marj (Mika dela Cruz) without glasses. Needing to find out who was responsible for the drawing of her face, she confronts the boys of The Breakers one by one.

While all of this is going on, The Breakers lie low and don’t have any mischief planned. Bored because nothing is happening, Archie (Kobi Vidanes) declares himself the new leader of The Breakers and starts planning pranks.

Will Archie take over the group and take Benj’s position now that Benj is vulnerable? Will Marj finally figure out who drew her face on the wall? Apart from that, will Lexie and Benj patch things up so that someone can help him fix the problems that he has outside of school?

Catch all the things to be revealed in Sunday’s (August 11) episode of “LUV U” airing on ABS-CBN Channel 2 after “ASAP 18”.

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LUV U New Cast Pairing: Who's Got a Crush on Who?

Posted on August 2, 2013 | 8:51 PM

There’s news going around on campus that Marj’s (Mika dela Cruz) face is drawn on the wall of the boys’ bathroom.

The new cast of ABS-CBN's LUV U: Jairus, Sharlene, Alexa, Nash, Mika and Kobi

Curiously, the picture has initials on it, signed “T.B.”—possibly revealing that certain someone who has a hidden liking for her in Sunday’s (August 4) episode of “LUV U”.

The graffiti drawing shows Marj without her glasses on. Those who have seen her without them on know how pretty her face really is. Apparently, “T.B.” has seen her not wearing her glasses—but who exactly is “T.B.”?

In the meantime, Benj (Nash Aguas) and Lexi (Alexa Ilacad) are still hung up on the recently concluded fire alarm incident, when Benj saved Lexi from her phobia of fire. Already a hero in Lexi’s eyes, Benj still has other things to confess to her, and he needs to gather up the guts to tell her quickly before she finds out from another source.

Catch all the things to be revealed in Sunday’s (August 4) episode of “LUV U” airing on ABS-CBN Channel 2 after “ASAP 18”.

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Nash Aguas Reveals True Feelings for Alexa Ilacad in 'LUV U' (July 28)

Posted on July 27, 2013 | 1:42 PM

The rivalry between the school bad boy and little miss perfect is set aside, revealing true feelings as Benj (Nash Aguas) rescues Lexie (Alexa Ilacad) in this Sunday’s (July 28) episode of “LUV U”.

Nash Aguas Reveals True Feelings for Alexa Ilacad in 'LUV U' (July 28)

After all the chaos that the teens had caused, particularly with sabotaged long test review sessions and photo scandal ideas, Principal Spencer (Smokey Manaloto) decides to announce a warning to the students that if any other nasty pranks are to happen on campus, the next step that he would have to take would be to inform their parents of their bad behavior.

Benj, often not given enough affection by his busy mom and dad, takes this as an opportunity to get their attention. He cooks up another sneaky scheme, actually hoping to get himself into trouble—but the problem is that other people, particularly Lexie, are put at risk by his actions.

Meanwhile, another unlikely friendship is about to be formed as Archie (Kobi Vidanes) notices that Shirley (Sharlene San Pedro) has been going to class without food or allowance.

LUV U cast - Jairus, Sharlene, Nash, Alexa, Kobi and Mika

Stay tuned for a surprising turn of events that are about to take place between the boys and the girls this Sunday (July 28) in “LUV U”, airing after “ASAP 18” on ABS-CBN Channel 2.

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Alexa Ilacad is Nash Aguas' Waterloo | New Love Team Brewing?

Posted on July 6, 2013 | 10:33 AM

After weeks of Nash Aguas playing the resident bad boy, LUV U's  Benj Jalbuena finds himself in a situation will let his true self come through this weekend—finally showing the real him, who has a good side after all.

Alexa Ilacad and Nash Aguas

“I play a bully—but he’s a misunderstood bully,” Nash says of Benj’s character, adding jokingly, “I’m a good boy in real life anyway.”

Last week’s episode of “LUV U” showed Benj and Lexie (Alexa Ilacad) as the students behind Principal Spencer’s (Smokey Manaloto) presentation, which turned out to be an embarrassing mess for the head of the school because of a nasty trick.

Unable to figure out who among Benj and Lexie was really responsible for what happened, Principal Spencer decides that both of them need to be punished—but during the time that they have no choice but to be stuck with each other, a timely meeting with a helpless creature shows how much Benj really values the little things.

Nash and Alexa - is it the birth of N-Lex love team? What about NashLene team up?

While all of this is going on, two of the girls, Shirley (Sharlene San Pedro) and Marj (Mika dela Cruz) have their own plans of getting back at the Break3rs to teach them that they aren’t the bosses around campus, targeting Archie (Kobi Vidanes) and Drake (Jairus Aquino) while Benj and Lexie aren’t around.

See it all happen on “LUV U” this week, airing on Sunday (July 7) after “ASAP 18” on ABS-CBN Channel 2.

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LUV U Teens Get Dirty on Class Election this Sunday (June 23)

Posted on June 22, 2013 | 7:54 AM

Intense politics are about to take place for the “LUV U” freshmen on this week’s episode, as the teens get their hands dirty over the pressure of the class election period.

The cast of LUV U new season

Everyone expects the class’s “little miss perfect” to shine once nominations are open. Marj (Mika dela Cruz) fits the part perfectly—but sometimes, not everyone likes what the goody-two-shoes girls do, especially when they get boys like the “Break3rs” into trouble.

Benj (Nash Aguas), the leader of the gang of bullies, forgets to do his assignment Marj reminds their teacher Ms. Belo (Cai Cortez) about it so Benj gets furious. With this, the “Break3rs” will decide that they would do anything so that Marj wouldn’t win as class president. Things heat up even more as Archie (Kobi Vidanes) and Drake (Jairus Aquino), the other members of the “Break3rs” are eager to get in on the plans.

What will happen to the class election period now that the teens have other motives? Will Marj get the title of class president—or will one of the bullies get the bigger part of the votes?

Find out how the election season will play out on “LUV U” this week, airing on Sunday (June 23) after “ASAP 18” on ABS-CBN Channel 2.

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Angel, Bea, Toni, Shaina and Enchong Glitter Up ASAP 18 (June 23)

The biggest and brightest Kapamilya stars are set to glitter up “ASAP 18” this Sunday (June 23) for the grand celebration of Star Cinema’s 20 years in showbiz featuring the lead stars of its special anniversary offering “4 Sisters and A Wedding” Toni Gonzaga, Bea Alonzo, Angel Locsin, Shaina Magdayao, and Enchong Dee.

Angel, Bea, Toni, Shaina and Enchong Glitter Up ASAP 18 (June 23)

Celebrate the remarkable beauty of OPM in the must-see collaboration of Asia’s Nightingale Lani Misalucha, Journey frontman Arnel Pineda, and international singing sensation Charice; followed by the grand album launch of the Divine Diva ZsaZsa Padilla.

Also, get ready for the special production number of the new cast of the youth show “Luv U” composed of Nash Aguas, Sharlene San Pedro, Mika dela Cruz, Jairus Aquino, Alexa Ilacad, and Kobi Vidanes.

Meanwhile, witness the greatness of Filipino talent as Mr. Pure Energy Gary Valenciano shares another heart-warming story in ‘With Love, Gary V.’

Prepare for the hottest showdown of dance moves in the breathtaking showcase prepared by KC Concepcion, Jericho Rosales, Kim Chiu, Gerald Anderson, Maja Salvador, Kathryn Bernardo, Nikki Gil, Karylle, John Prats, Rayver Cruz, Bangs Garcia, Xyriel Manabat, and Bugoy CariƱo.

Witness a superb concert performance in the breathtaking musical spectacle of Martin Nievera, Vina Morales, Piolo Pascual, Erik Santos, Yeng Constantino, KZ Tandingan, Zia Quizon, MP3 band, and the ASAP Sessionistas.

Don’t miss the non-stop celebrations in the country’s longest-running, award-winning variety show, “ASAP 18” this Sunday, 12:15 noon, on ABS-CBN. For updates, photos and to hang out live with the stars at ASAP Chill-Out, visit http://asap.abs-cbn.com/, ‘like’ http://facebook.com/asapofficial, follow @ASAPOFFICIAL on Twitter, and know the latest happenings in “ASAP 18” by tweeting the hashtag #ASAPMixNMatch.

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New Cast of LUV U: Nash, Sharlene, Jairus, Mika, Alexa and Kobi

Posted on June 5, 2013 | 7:42 PM

Goin’ Bulilit graduates Nash Aguas, Alexa Ilacad, Kobi Vidanes, Sharlene San Pedro and Mika dela Cruz along with “Super Inggo” former child star Jairus Aquino make a big comeback on television. They comprise the new cast of the hit afternoon teen comedy series “LUV U.”

The new cast of LUV U: Sharlene San Pedro, Nash Aguas, Alexa Ilacad, Jairus Aquino, Mika dela Cruz and Kobi Vidanes

The new season will focus on the students’ relationship with their parents and siblings, as well as tackle thrill of fun of high school and the bittersweet experience of first love.

“Apart from the ‘kilig,’ viewers will also be provided with insights and lessons about dealing with teenage dilemmas as well as family problems,” says Ricky Victoria, head writer of “LUV U.”

Who are the new love teams in LUV U? Is it NasLene, JaiLene or KobiLene? Will Alexa and Nash, Jairus and Mika be paired or is it Jairus and Alexa and Nash and Mika?

Victoria adds that with these new elements, the show hopes to attract older viewers like moms and dads.

Aside from the new enrollees of Lamberto Uy Villarama University (LUV U), “Let’s Go” Alumna Eda Nolan will also enter the fun-filled university as a new teacher. To add more delight, the character of Bentong (Mang Jules) will also have a love interest in the person of Allora Sasam.

LUV U Teens with the faculty and staff of LUV U. Eda Nolan and Allora Sasam join the fun with Smokey Manaloto, Hyubs Azarcon, Bentong and Cai Cortez (Kai Cruz)

Fans of “LUV U” are excited for the new love teams. In fact, netizens are guessing who these pairs will be through their tweets and Facebook status updates.

Don’t miss the new season of “LUV U” which begins on June 16 (Sunday) on ABS-CBN Channel 2 after “ASAP 18.”

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Five Kids to Bid Goodbye in Goin' Bulilit this February 24; Gag show Welcomes New Cast

Posted on February 23, 2013 | 3:28 PM

After almost seven years of making people laugh weekly on “Goin’ Bulilit”, five kids will bid goodbye on the kiddie gag show.

Who will bid goodbye and who will replace them? Find out this Sunday on Goin' Bulilit after TV Patrol weekend

Find out who among the kids will graduate this Sunday (February 24). The ‘graduation ceremony’ will be attended by alumni Nash, Sharlene, Mika, Aaliyah and Noemi. On the last episode of the five kids, they will have a dance showdown with the graduates in the production number titled “Yugyugan”.

Each candidate for graduation will also undergo an interview portion where they will share their favorite jokes and scenes from the longest-running kiddie gag show. After the interviews, the graduating girls will sing “Beautiful in My Eyes” while the boys will perform “True Colors”.

Meanwhile, the kids who passed the final screening of the recently held auditions will immediately be casted on “Goin’ Bulilit” to replace the graduating kids.

Laugh and cry on “Goin’ Bulilit’s” graduation episode this Sunday (February 24) after “TV Patrol Weekend” on ABS-CBN.

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Tweens of Pop (T.O.P.) Debut Album Now Available for Download

Posted on July 7, 2012 | 6:49 PM

Four cute and naughty little girls of ABS-CBN’s “Goin’ Bulilit,” namely Alexa Ilacad, Angel Sy, Noemi Oineza, and Mika dela Cruz, have now transformed into pretty and talented teen stars who compose this generation’s hippest Pinoy-Pop (P-POP) girl group–”Tweens of Pop” or simply, “T.O.P.”

T.O.P. (Tweens of Pop) debut album released under Star Records with 'Crush' as carrier single

From their striking impersonation of the popular Korean girl group 2NE1 in a segment of “Goin Bulilit,” “T.O.P” now has their self-titled debut album under Star Records, with ‘Crush’ as its carrier single. ‘Crush’ is the anthemic theme song of the hit Sunday teen-oriented show of ABS-CBN, “Luv U.”

Completing the tracklist of “T.O.P: Tweens of Pop” album are ‘Bestfriend 4ever,’ ‘Sumayaw Tayo,’ ‘Yugyugan,’ and the medley of all their four songs. Overall album producers are Lito Camo and Direk Edgar ‘Bobot’ Mortiz.

Watch 'Crush' music video here. The tracks of “T.O.P: Tweens of Pop” album are now available for download on www.mymusicstore.com.ph.

Visit the ABS-CBN Social Media Newsroom (SMN) at www.abscbnpr.com for the latest updates, photos, videos, interviews, and presscon podcasts. Follow @abscbnpr on Twitter and ‘like’ it on Facebook at http://facebook.com/abscbnpr.

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Nash Aguas and Mika dela Cruz on MMK This March 17

Posted on March 13, 2012 | 3:52 PM

Former child stars Nash Aguas, Paul Salas, and Mika dela Cruz topbill the ‘Puppy Love’ episode of Maalaala Mo Kaya this Saturday (March 17).

They portray the characters of Justin (Nash), Nikko (Paul), and Rio (Mika) who were caught in a love triangle as the two young boys both fell in love with the same girl. As they battle to win Rio’s heart, will their friendship still prevail over love?

Together with Nash, Paul, and Mika in the ‘Puppy Love’ episode are Yayo Aguila, Bobby Andrews, Basty Alcanses, Nikki Bagaporo, and Arnold Reyes. It is researched by Akeem del Rosario, written by Joan Habana, and directed by Mervyn Brondial.

Don’t miss the cute romantic love story this Saturday night in  Maalaala Mo Kaya (MMK), after “Wansapanataym” on ABS-CBN. For more updates, log on to www.mmk.abs-cbn.com, follow MMKOfficial on Twitter, and “like” www.facebook.com/MMKOfficial.

Text by ABS-CBN, photos via Starmometer

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LUV U Theme Song: Crush by T.O.P. (Tweens of Pop)

Posted on February 13, 2012 | 10:02 PM

ABS-CBN's newest teen sitcom, LUV U will premiere this February 19. The said show will star a new generation of tweens, most of which are products of Goin' Bulilit. The theme song of the said teen sitcom was also sung by a debuting group of tweens which came from the said kiddie gag show.

Check out the music video of LUV U theme song entitled Crush sung by T.O.P. (Tweens of Pop), a girl group composed of former bulilits, Mika Dela Cruz, Alexa Ilacad, Angel Sy and Noemi Oineza.

These pretty & talented girls from "Goin' Bulilit" were first known as 4NE1 impersonating the popular Korean girl group 2NE1 but now they have their very own original song & music video entitled "Crush"! Watch out for their 1st album Crush Na Crush coming out soon!

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