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Kathryn Bernardo Covers Chalk Magazine August 2012 Issue

Posted on July 26, 2012 | 6:39 PM

Kathryn Bernardo is on the cover of Chalk Magazine August 2012 issue. The Princess and I lead star looks like Alladin's Princess Jasmine with her Disney Princess hair-do.
Kathryn Bernardo is wearing Bench and Rajo Laurel in this Chalk August 2012 cover which is also the magazine's 12th anniversary special issue. The cover line says "Princess Diaries" which means Kathryn will be sharing her insights in this Chalk issue.

Kathryn Bernardo Covers Chalk Magazine August 2012 issue

Kathryn Bernardo is now an in-demand magazine cover girl as she had covered Mega Magazine July 2012 issue and Metro Magazine August 2012 issue.

The said Chalk Magazine issue also features a night out with Tim Yap and celebrities like Tin Patrimonio and Joe Jonas. Don't forget to grab a copy of Chalk Magazine's August 2012 issue with Kathryn Bernardo on the cover for only P95.

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Slater Young To Live His Showbiz Dream

Posted on April 9, 2012 | 12:37 PM

Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited Big Winner Slater Young, a licensed civil engineer, had decided to try his luck in showbiz after winning PBB. The 24-year old Cebuano considers himself more of an actor than a dancer or singer.

Slater revealed in his PEP interview that he will undergo acting workshops to prepare himself for future projects and according his handlers, Slater shows great potential in his past workshops and acting exercises.

Dancing is really Slater's waterloo and described it as his Achilles' heel. He said that he would rather sing than dance in a production number.

Slater knew that being in showbiz is so much harder than what he had been through inside Kuya’s house, but he said that he is willing to give his all to his dream of joining showbiz.

Slater was overwhelmed with the overflowing support he had received from the time he was still inside until now that he's been proclaimed Big Winner in the said reality show. There are fans craving for his tandem with his closest friends inside the house, Divine (SlaVine) and Tin (SlaTin) whom Slater admitted he has a crush with.

Although very thankful, a forward-looking Slater knows that a lot of work is still at hand. The PBB Unlimited Big Winner and the very first male winner in a regular edition said that he intends to work extra hard to be worthy of the support he have been blessed with.

Last night, Slater and the rest of the Big 4 appeared in a production number during the PBB Teens 4 'Fun-Tastic Kick off.' With new housemates entering the house (and possible competitions), Slater confessed that he feel pressured but he will just focus on the things that he could work on - and do his best.

Photo courtesy of hcrefund.com

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Will it be 'Big 4' or 'Big 5' in PBB Unlimited?

Posted on March 26, 2012 | 7:45 PM

Tin named newest evictee. Biggel leads latest overnight voting.

Before viewers get to vote for their favorite housemate for the Big Winner title, the five remaining housemates of “Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited” namely Biggel, Divine, Paco, Pamu, and Slater have to first go through a special challenge that will give them the chance to grab another slot to add to the usual Big Four slots at the Big Night.

For the first time in PBB history, the housemates were offered the ‘Big Shot for a Big Slot’ task that will determine if all or only four of them will battle out for the Big Winner title at the much-awaited “PBB Unlimited: Big Night at the Grandstand” to be held at the Quirino Grandstand in Manila this Saturday (Mar 31).

If Biggel, Divine, Paco, Pamu, and Slater fail, one of them will get the boot. If they succeed, each of them will automatically secure a slot at the Big Night. What test will Big Brother give them now?

Meanwhile, mentions on Tin, who was evicted from the Big Brother house last Saturday (Mar 24), flooded Twitter worldwide, clinching two spots in the micro-blogging site. Tin’s eviction shocked many viewers as she usually dominated previous voting polls in the season.

Tin, daughter of basketball superstar Alvin Patrimonio, fell short in gaining support from her fans and managed to garner only 11.50% of the votes versus Slater (14.16%), Pamu (17.26%), Paco (18.39%), Divine (19.20%), and Biggel (19.49%).

Who will go head-to-head for the Big Winner title at the Big Night? Don’t miss the exciting developments in the season’ last week in “Pinoy Big Brother UnliDay” with Bianca Gonzalez weekdays after “Angelito: Batang Ama” in Kapamilya Gold and in “Pinoy Big Brother UnliNight” with Toni Gonzaga weeknights after “Dahil sa Pag-ibig” in Primetime Bida. Also stay tuned to “PBB Unlimited Updates” with Robi Domingo during “Angelito: Batang Ama” and “E-Boy” on ABS-CBN. For the program’s updates, follow his Secretary on Twitter at @OfficialPBB4 or like.

Text by ABS-CBN via Starmometer

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Tin Patrimonio is PBB Latest Evictee!

Posted on March 24, 2012 | 11:40 PM

Housemate Tin Patrimonio has been evicted from the Pinoy Big Brother house, March 24 during the 15th eviction night of PBB Unlimited. Tin got the lowest percentage of votes among the remaining 6 housemates.

Last Tuesday, housemate Pamu was the first one to be announced as safe this week, being 4th in the tally after an overnight 'one vote per sim' voting. Then, wildcard housemate Paco was also revealed to be safe ranking 3rd in the tally. Slater ranked 5th while Divine is 2nd. Biggel got the most number of votes from fans.

Here is the complete tally of votes (percentage votes):

Joseph Biggel - 19.49%
Divine Maitland-Smith - 19.20%
Paco Evangelista - 18.39%
Pamu Pamorada - 17.26%
Slater Young - 14.16%
Tin Patrimonio - 11.50%

There's only 5 housemates left and its just a week to go before the PBB Unlimited Big Night at the Quirino Grandstand happening on March 31. Will Slater still join the Big 4 or will he be the last evictee prior to the Big Night?

Hold on tight to PBB Unlimited as we start the countdown to 'The Big Night at the Grandstand.' Choose your Big Winner!

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Big Utol is Back in PBB Unlimited, 4 Housemates Nominated for Eviction

Posted on March 6, 2012 | 10:36 AM

Housemates Joseph Biggel, Tin Patrimonio, Carlo Romero and Kevin Fowler are nominated for this week's eviction in PBB Unlimited. Unlike the common voting process, Big Brother had decided to allow only one vote per sim per day. This new rule will truly reflect which among the housemates is well-loved by the masses and will prevent monopoly on voting (which might lead to well-off housemates getting more votes).

To vote for your favorite housemate, just text BB<space>name of housemate and send it to 231 for Smart, Talk 'N text subscribers and to 2331 for Globe, TM and Sun Cellular subscribers.

Meanwhile, Big Utol is Back on the house! Big Brother will be out for important business and his younger brother, Big Utol will take over. Also, M5 members Baron Geisler and Beauty Gonzales will be back inside as VIPs. Ex-housemate Seiichi will serve as the right-hand of the Hacienderos.

Expect a lot more surprises from Big Utol in PBB Unlimited. It can be recalled that Big Utol is opposite his older brother with somewhat a rebel attitude. He allowed the housemates on previous editions to drink with him inside the confession room. Will this happen again? Or an act more worse than this? Don't miss PBB weeknights and weekdays as we start the countdown to the Big Night.

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Seiichi Ushimi Evicted From PBB Unlimited!

Posted on March 4, 2012 | 6:49 AM

Pinoy Anime of Japan, Seiichi Ushimi is the latest evictee of Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited on the show's 12th eviction night which happened last March 3. Seiichi got the least number of save votes from fans among the other nominees, Divine and Kevin.

Divine got almost half of the fan votes (49.17%) while Kevin was saved with 27.69% of votes. Seiichi got only 23.15% of votes, making him the latest evictee of the famous house. However, Seiichi will stay inside the house for some mission even as an evicted housemate, but not as a house player such in the case of Paco.

Meanwhile, the PBB M5 had left the house last night and according to Rica Paras, Divine is the housemate that deserves to be the big winner. She said that Divine was the one housemate she had proven to be true inside the house. For Beauty Gonzales, her big 4 picks were housemates Biggel, Divine, Slater and Pamu. Baron Geisler believed that Tin should step up for her to be so deserving for inclusion in the Big 4.

Don't miss PBB Unlimited as it nears to its Big night. More exciting tasks will be served to help the people discern who among the housemates deserve to be the one BIG WINNER.

Photo courtesy of PBB via seichangster's official
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PBB Unlimited Housemates Lost To M5 in Box Task

Posted on March 3, 2012 | 9:01 AM

Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited housemates lost their box task to the avenging M5 (Yes, because Kigoy is already out of the house for pursuing and being violent with housemate Kevin). The said task required the housemates to keep the box out of sight of the M5 and protect it in whatever cause.

Paco came up with a great idea of using housemate Eting as a charity so that the merciful housemates will be able to donate the box to Eting. However, this story was only a made up so that the M5 will get the box and win the task.

After what happened, Tin broke in tears and the housemates were rattled of what Big Brother and the M5 came up with just to win the game.

More exciting happenings will be served this week on PBB Unlimited so don't dare miss one episode as the Big 4 will be revealed soon. Who is deserving? Watch and decide.

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Housemate Deniesse Gets Force Evicted From PBB House!

Posted on February 26, 2012 | 6:37 AM

Deniesse Joaquin was the latest evictee in Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited but not by garnering the lowest percentage of votes among the nominees but because of a force eviction by Big Brother. Last night, Deniesse took her final vow inside the house and got force evicted by making severe violations which broke the house's rulebook.

Deniesse's first 'mortal' violation was when she asked guest Melai Cantiveros about her image in the outside world. The other violation was when she was caught whispering with housemate Divine. The two violations made Kuya decide to evict Deniesse.

It was Carlo who got the lowest percentage of votes before the text voting was stopped on Friday to give way for the force eviction of Deniesse. Carlo got only 14.13% while Deniesse could have been saved with 20.85% of votes. Tin and Seiichi got the highest and the 2nd highest of save votes with 36.22% and 28.80%, respectively.

This week, a group of ex-housemates called M6 will enter the house for a very special task. They are Baron Geisler, Beauty Gonzales, Franzen Fajardo, Rica Paras, and this season's evictee, Luz McClinton and Kigoy Abarico.

Watch PBB and be updated with another big twist to come.

Photo courtesy of Deniesse facebook fan page
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Paco Evangelista and Tin Patrimonio Nominated For Eviction

Posted on February 6, 2012 | 6:25 AM

Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited housemates Paco and Tin are nominated for this week's eviction. The two are secret nominees, meaning only few housemates knew who are nominated.


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