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Atty. Raymond Fortun on GGV (Feb 23) with Maki Ricafort, Paolo Onesa, Thor Dulay of The Voice PH

Posted on February 21, 2014 | 10:59 AM

Controversial lawyer Atty. Raymond Fortun graces Gandang Gabi Vice in a hilarious episode airing February 23. Atty. Fortun is former spokesman to Cedric Lee, who is involved in the mauling of Vice Ganda's friend and It's Showtime co-host Vhong Navarro.

Atty. Raymond Fortun on GGV (Feb 23) with Maki Ricafort, Paolo Onesa, Thor Dulay of The Voice PH

It's interesting to know how Atty. Fortun will answer Vice Ganda's questions related to the case, especially that of Deniece Cornejo and Cedric Lee's elevator kissing. Also, he will be dancing the 'One minute dance craze' for the first time on GGV, a dance step inspired by Deniece Cornejo's Startalk interview.

The Voice of the Philippines' Maki Ricafort, Paolo Onesa and Thor Dulay, who's  once Vice Ganda's back up vocals on GGV will also join the 'kulitan' in the show. 

Don't miss GGV this February 23 after Rated K. Watch the episode preview below.

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Watch: Atty. Raymond Fortun Grilled on Aquino and Abunda Tonight

Posted on February 18, 2014 | 9:08 AM

Atty. Raymond Fortun graced nightly talk show Aquino and Abunda Tonight on Monday. Hosts Kris Aquino and Boy Abunda asked him about his resignation as Cedric Lee's spokesman (read here his full statement) and other things about the recent controversy involving his former clients.

Atty. Raymond Fortun

On Sunday, Atty. Fortun tendered his resignation as Lee's spokesperson due to a breached of agreement. He also said that he failed on his job as a spokesman.

One question went like this, "Naniniwala ka ba na na-rape si Deniece Cornejo at binugbog ni Cedric si Vhong?" and another, "Did you lose faith in Cedric and Deniece?" Watch Atty. Raymond Fortun being grilled by Kris and Boy in Aquino and Abunda Tonight below.

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Atty. Raymond Fortun Resignation as Cedric Lee's Spokesman (Full Statement)

Posted on February 16, 2014 | 5:25 PM

Atty. Raymond Fortun has tendered his resignation as spokesman for Cedric Lee who was among those implicated in the beating of Vhong Navarro last January 22 in a condo in Taguig. Watch video here.

Atty. Raymond Fortun

The statement, which was sent to Lee care of his lawyer Atty. Howard Calleja, was also handed to ABS-CBN's Buzz ng Bayan on Sunday (February 16). Below is the full statement of Fortun:

Dear Cedric,

I had been engaged as your spokesman with the objective of being the media’s contact person in all legal as well as factual issues as may be consistent with the thrust of your legal counsels. In this regard, I had faithfully complied with this mandate for the past 12 days, even at peril to my own reputation as a lawyer.

Together with this mandate was an agreement that no statements shall by anybody from your group without the consent/approval of your counsels and/or spokesman. This has been breached last night.

My personal desire to help you notwithstanding the adverse publicity that you have been receiving is precisely to educate the public on the need to temper their emotions in light of your Constitutional rights to due process, to counsel of your choice, to present a valid and lawful defense, and to confront your accusers in the proper legal setting.

The past several days had made me realize that this country is NOT YET READY to accept these legal concepts, to which I squarely lay the blame on inaccurate reportage and the unprofessional actions of certain law enforcement agencies. That being the case and for the earlier reason mentioned, and in light of my inability to perform the functions for which I was hired, I regret that I must resign as your spokesman effective immediately.

Nonetheless, and in light of the lessons I have learned during my short stint as your spokesman, I will henceforth be devoting some of my time to: (i) ask congressmen to enact legislation so that ALL PERSONS who MAY be facing criminal prosecution be duly informed of their rights (e.g. to remain silent, to the presence of a lawyer etc.) before they are interviewed by TV networks.

People accused of crimes also have rights which need to be protected against media frenzy and unfair pre-judgments; and (ii) ask the Supreme Court to resolve the issues in respect of the Constitutionality of the Anti-Cybercrime Law, in order to address the matter of cyber-libels against Filipino citizens. People do have the right to express their opinions about issues, but such freedom does not grant a license to bully, hurl invectives or otherwise destroy one’s reputation without factual basis.

I wish you all the best in your case, and may justice prevail.

Very truly yours,

Raymond Fortun

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Atty Raymond Fortun Resigns as Spokesman for Cedric Lee

Atty Raymond Fortun has resigned as Cedric Lee's spokesman as of Sunday, February 16. This came after the CCTV footage showing Cedric Lee kissing Deniece Cornejo was released to the media.

Raymond Fortun Resigns as spokesman for Cedric Lee

In a letter addressed to Cedric Lee care of his lawyer Atty. Howard Calleja which was also handed to ABS-CBN's Buzz ng Bayan, Fortun said that he will no longer be Cedric Lee's spokesperson effective immediately. READ THE FULL STATEMENT HERE.

Atty. Fortun expressed his disappointment on Lee's camp, who gave interviews with the media without the consent of his legal counsel and spokespersons. The lawyer recently came into the defense of Cedric when the kissing video came out (read more about this here).

In a message sent by Cedric Lee to some members of the press, he admitted that he kissed Deniece Cornejo, not in the neck but in the cheeks, to comfort her. He added that it was normal for them to kiss like that since they're friends and what happened that night was just 'harutan' or playful kiss between him and Cornejo. 

Cedric Lee also insisted that he has no romantic relationship with Deniece, saying that a girl like Deniece who has a somewhat chubby body was not his type (read more here).

Meanwhile, Deniece Cornejo on her part said that the kiss was nothing but an innocent gesture and it's just a manner of thanking Cedric Lee and other friends who helped her clean up the condo unit where the mauling incident happened.

It can be recalled that Atty. Raymond Fortun said on his Facebook page that he enjoys handling the toughest cases and that he saw Cedric Lee as an underdog and was 'demonized' by the media. 

"Cedric Lee is, in my eyes, an underdog. Justice must be served but it must not be in accordance with the conductor's beat of someone along Panay Avenue. So I contribute my voice into this dispute not to twist the truth but to make sense of the madness," he said then.

As of this posting, the post of Atty. Fortun about Cedric Lee and the replies he made about the recent piece of evidence have been deleted on his Facebook page. However, in the letter addressed to Cedric Lee, Atty. Fortun wished him all the best in the case, adding that justice should prevail.

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Atty Raymond Fortun on Cedric-Deniece Kissing Video: 'Deniece doesn't want to be kissed'

Posted on February 14, 2014 | 11:57 AM

Atty Raymond Fortun, spokesperson of the camp of Cedric Lee, belittled the new CCTV footage showing Cedric kissing Deniece inside the elevator hours after the Vhong Navarro mauling incident.

Atty Raymond Fortun reacts on Cedric Lee kissing Deniece Cornejo

"Maybe it's just me, but it looks like the girl didn't even want to be kissed. Others will think otherwise. What matters is, again, what I PERSONALLY KNOW," said Fortun reacting to various comments on Facebook about the new CCTV video.

He also said that CCTV footage with Cedric kissing Deniece will not affect the case.

"First public statement of CL that they are just friends? As I said, it seemed that the girl didn't even want to be kissed. CL didn't even embrace her, nor did she embrace back. So... the kisses on the cheeks aside, it (won't) affect the case."

"I have met with DC (Deniece Cornejo) and CL (Cedric Lee) in a meeting and over dinner. Di ko nakita nor naramdaman na close sila. For me, this is another non-issue because it does not prove or disprove the parties' version of events that night," he added.

The CCTV video footage showing Deniece Cornejo being kissed by Cedric Lee on both sides of her neck was revealed by NBI on Thursday prior to the preliminary investigation the following day.

"I will NOT say that the CCTV lies. We all saw what we saw. And yes, I'm glad that you noticed that the big group was so relaxed when they went inside the elevator. So... Doesn't look like this group was heading for a fight, tama ba?" replied Fortun to another comment on his page.

According to reports, the said CCTV video footage showed what happens inside the elevator upon return of the group of Cedric Lee and Deniece Cornejo to the latter's condo after they have filed for a police blotter and not before the mauling incident.

Fortun is also objecting to the use of the word "passionately" to describe the kisses Cedric Lee gave to Deniece, who was all smiles while entering the elevator after the mauling incident on January 22.

"I would object to the use of the word 'passionately' then I would pull out the definition from the dictionary. Then I would pull my wife and kiss her in a passionate manner to prove my point. I expect to be sustained by the judge," he said.

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