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Claudine Barretto to Transfer to TV-5? Set for a Kapatid TV Comeback

Posted on August 12, 2012 | 6:48 PM

Claudine Barretto is said to be transferring to the Kapatid network. The controversial actress will be back to work after the NAIA brawl not in GMA-7 but in TV-5.

In an article published August 12 in Pilipino Star Ngayon, Claudine Barretto is said to has started shooting for TV-5's  Untold Stories together with Jay Manalo. According to the article, Claudine's contract with the Kapuso network has expired and there's no conflict with her appearance in the Kapatid network or whether she will jump ship to TV-5 soon.

Claudine Barretto to beccome a Kapatid? Will she transfer to TV-5 after GMA-7 contract expired?

There are rumors that Claudine Barretto might be transferring to TV-5 after reports claiming that she was not happy anymore with the Kapuso network surfaced. Claudine also expressed interest to return to ABS-CBN where she became a big star but rumor has it that the Kapamilya network is not anymore interested with the former Star Magic queen (read story here).

With that, Claudine Barretto's camp might be thinking of a new chance in the country's third largest TV network, TV-5. There are speculations that a Claudine and Diamond Star Maricel Soriano project will push through if she decided to ink a deal with TV-5 and become a Kapatid. 

The thing now is will Claudine be interested to join the same network as the Tulfo Brothers who they have a rift with? What do you think?

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Miss World Philippines 2012 Winners

Posted on June 24, 2012 | 11:35 PM

The Miss World Philippines 2012 Grand Coronation Night happened June 24 at the Manila Hotel Ttent where Gwendoline Ruais' successor was crowned. The show was hosted by Miss World 1993 2nd Princess Ruffa Gutierrez and Edu Manzano.

Twenty five gorgeous ladies vied for the Miss World Philippines crown but it was Queeneerich Rehman who clinched the most coveted title of the night. She will represent the Philippines in the 2012 Miss World Pageant in Ordos, Inner Mongolia, China this coming August 18.

Miss World Philippines Grand Coronation Night, June 24

Here is the complete list of winners for the Miss World Philippines 2012 Pageant:

Queeneerich Rehman is Miss World Philippines 2012
Miss World Philippines 2012 - Queenierich Rehman
1st Princess - Mary Anne Ross Misa
2nd  Princess  - Vanessa Claudine Amman
3rd  Princess  - April Love Jordan
4th  Princess  - Brenna Cassandra Gamboa

Top 12 Finalists: 

Mariver Ocampo
Rufaida Babudin
Carla Jenina Lizardo
Marie Loraine de Guzman
Kay Wigand
Vania Valiry Vispo
Paulina Eliseeff

Special Awards:

Best in Swimsuit - Queenierich Rehman
Best in Long Gown - April Love Jordan
Smart People's Choice Award - Vania Valiry Vispo
Miss Olay - Vanessa Claudine Amman
Miss PanteneQueeneerich Rehman
Miss My Phone - Vanessa Claudine Amman

Miss Manila Hotel - April Love Jordan
Miss Oracare - April Love Jordan
Miss Photogenic - Queeneerich Rehman
Miss Talent - Queenierich Rehman  and Marie Loraine De Guzman
Miss Friendship - Vanessa Claudine Amman

Best In Fashion Runway - Brenna Cassandra Gamboa
Miss Philippines Prudential - Queeneerich Rehman
Miss World Traveler - Queeneerich Rehman
Miss Laguna World - Vanessa Claudine Amman
Miss Manny O’ Wine  - Brenna Cassandra Gamboa

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Video: Ruffa Gutierrez on Paparazzi June 23 (Birthday Celebration)

Posted on June 23, 2012 | 7:25 PM

Ruffa Gutierrez celebrated her birthday on TV5's talk show Paparazzi on June 23 and the episode became controversial as Ruffa tweeted that the show disrespected her hours after the airing of the said birthday episode.

Ruffa gutierrez asked by Mr. Fu in Paparazzi Birthday episode June 23

In the 'Bulong ng Palad' segment of the show, Ruffa's co-hosts Cristy Fermin, Zoren Legaspi, Mr. Fu and guest co-host Mariel Rodriguez took turns in whispering questions to her. Mr. Fu asked Ruffa the question of who among his ex-boyfriends had the largest 'ehem.'

Read Ruffa's tweets and more about Ruffa quitting Paparazzi here.

Mr. Fu said:
Pag tinanong kita dapat friends pa rin tayo ha, wag mo seseryosohin yung tanong. Eto na ang tanong ko. Choices: Aga, Zoren, Robin. Sino ang may pinakamalaking.........
Ruffa Gutierrez then answered:
Alam mo you are so gross. I'm not answering that. Wala akong alam dyan. Next question. Ewan ko, di ko sasagutin yan. 
Watch Ruffa on Paparazzi's 'Bulong ng Palad' segment.

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Ruffa Gutierrez Quits Paparazzi, Says She was Disrespected by the Show

TV host-actress Ruffa Gutierrez said that she is quitting TV5's showbiz-oriented talk show Paparazzi after the show "disrespected" her on its June 23 episode where Ruffa celebrated her birthday.

Ruffa Gutierrez Quits Paparazzi after the show disrespected and maligned her

In her official Twitter account, Ruffa Gutierrez said that she was maligned by Paparazzi during her birthday. Ruffa, who co-hosted the talk show, tweeted that she will not tolerate any act of disrespect to her and members of her family.

Here are the series of tweets of Ruffa Gutierrez against Paparazzi:
"Hindi ako natutuwa sa birthday presentation ng Paparazzi para sa akin. Wala kayong kwenta at wala kayong respeto."
"Binastos ako ng #Paparazzi on my birthday. I'm so sorry but THE BUZZ would never do this to me. EVER!" 
"From this day on, I will no longer be part of Paparazzi. I will never tolerate DISRESPECT in any form done to me, to my children or to my beloved viewers" 
"I refuse to be part of trashy reporting that degrades people or shames others. #Paparazzi" 
"I know God will provide work for me in other ways so I can take care of my daughters"
Why Ruffa tweeted that way?

During the Saturday episode of the show, Ruffa's co-hosts, Cristy Fermin, Zoren Legaspi, Mr. Fu and guest co-host Mariel Rodriguez took turns in whispering questions to her in the 'Bulong ng Palad' segment of the show. The segment allows the hosts to ask naughty questions without the audience hearing them but the guest is expected to answer it aloud.

According to reports, Ruffa was asked on who has the biggest note among her former boyfriends - Aga Muhlach, Zoren Legaspi and Robin Padilla.

Ruffa Gutierrez expressed discomfort, asking why the questions were of such nature. She also cautioned that her parents were watching, and even greeted them on air.

TV5, in a statement said that the "management is seriously concerned about the turn of events today at Paparazzi and is now looking into the incident." The network also promised everyone that it shall take appropriate action.

Photo courtesy of Ruffa Gutierrez via Twitter
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Cesar Montano Transfers to TV5, to Host Artista Academy

Posted on June 17, 2012 | 10:12 AM

Actor Cesar Montano had already transferred to TV5. Cesar decided to jump ship to the Kapatid Network after his one-year contract with GMA7 expired.

Cesar Montano's last project with GMA7 was the sitcom Andres de Saya where he starred opposite now Kapamilya Iza Calzado. The show ended last August 2011. Prior to that, he did the telefantasya Ilumina.

Cesar Montano transfers to TV5, to host Artista Academy

Before deciding to transfer to TV5, Cesar admitted that his camp has been negotiating with ABS-CBN. Last February, Cesar was actively seen in the Kapamilya network where he did several guesting including being a 'Hurado' in It's Showtime, a live interview in Ikaw Na! segment of late night newscast Bandila and an appearance on GGV season 2 first episode.

Cesar Montano said that his contract with TV5 will be per project as of now. As his first project with the Kapatid network, Cesar will be the main host of TV5's newest artista search, Artista Academy which promises P10 million, fame and stardom for winners.

Cesar Montano is set to play Andres Bonifacio in the historical action film, El Presidente, one of the eight official entries to the 2012 Metro Manila Film Festival. He will be joined by Gov. ER Ejercito, Cristine Reyes and Nora Aunor.

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Amy Perez Leaves 'Face To Face,' New Host Revealed!

Posted on June 13, 2012 | 9:31 AM

Amy Perez will leave her show Face To Face temporarily. The show, which airs on TV5 was Amy Perez' first show on the Kapatid network after she transferred.

Why will Tiyang Amy Perez leave Face To Face?

Amy Perez Leaves face To Face

In a report published on Online Balita, Amy Perez was two months pregnant with her third child. and according to reports, Amy's doctor advised her to rest in such critical condition. Face To Face, which theme is very controversial that sometimes lead to confrontation, arguments and fighting of two parties on stage might be too much for a pregnant Amy Perez to bear.

It will not be easy for Amy Perez to leave the show but she was confident that viewers will continue to support even though a new host will take over. It was revealed that former SIS host and now Kapatid Gelli De Belen will temporarily replace Tyang Amy while the latter is on maternity leave. Gelli had a meeting with TV5 executives last week.

ace To Face, dubbed as the "first talakserye on Philippine television" is based on The Jerry Springer Show with a Filipino cultural perspective. The show attempts to resolve minor conflicts between two arguing parties, more like a 'Barangay Hall' setting.

Photo courtesy of ilovepinas.net
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Miss World Philippines 2012 Official 25 Candidates Revealed!

Posted on June 9, 2012 | 12:21 PM

June 7, 2012, Centennial Hall, Manila Hotel – TV5 and Miss World Philippines present the official 25 candidates who will vie for the title of Miss World Philippines 2012.  This year’s Miss World Philippines pageant sees an exciting mix of candidates from every corner of the archipelago, as each of them embody the beauty and brilliance of the Filipina.

The lucky 25 ladies will undergo rigorous challenges in events that will demonstrate their talent, poise, intelligence and civic mindedness.  Miss World Philippines takes to heart the celebration of beauty with a purpose, underscoring the advocacy of Miss World in championing the cause of marginalized women and children.

This year's candidates are:
Miss World Philippines 2012 Official 25 Candidates:
  1. Kaye Wigand
  2. Vanessa Claudine Amman
  3. Rosheila Tungol
  4. Mariz Ong
  5. Carla Terina Lizardo
  6. Paula Rich Bartolome
  7. Maria Teresita Alaine Baccay
  8. Maham Ahmed
  9. Rizzini Alexis Gomez
  10. Larah Grace Lacap
  11. Vania Valeri Vispo
  12. Paulina Eliseeff
  13. Maryanne Ross Misa
  14. Mariver Ocampo
  15. Daphne Tanya Molenar
  16. Brenna Cassandra Gamboa
  17. April Love Jordan
  18. Rufaida Babudin
  19. Marie Loraine Dione de Guzman
  20. Kaye Michelle Agnes
  21. Fer Mary Baliquig
  22. Queenrich Rehman
  23. Lara Lee Sarino
  24. Natacha Peugniez
  25. Maria Danna Javier
Present during the event is CQGQ, Inc. chairperson and Miss World Philippines franchise owner Cory Quirino, as well as Miss World 2011 First Princess Gwendoline Ramos Ruais and her court.

“We are very excited about this year’s staging of Miss World Philippines,” said Ms. Quirino.  “With the help of TV5, we were able to travel all over the country in search of ladies who can best represent the Philippines and the Miss World cause.  This gives us a better chance in winning the Miss World crown this year, “ she added.

The stage is set for a festive parade of Filipina beauty in the coronation night with the magnificent Manila Hotel as its backdrop.  Former Miss World 2nd Princess and actress Ruffa Gutierrez will return to her pageant roots as she hosts the Grand Coronation Night with Game ‘n Go presenter Edu Manzano.  The main event will be aired live from Manila Hotel Tent on June 24 8:30 PM on TV5.

Text by TV5 and Miss World Philippines, Photos courtesy of Melvin Sia/OPMB Worldwide
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TV5's Artista Academy Audition Schedule

Posted on June 4, 2012 | 9:19 PM

Perhaps with the largest prize to be given away in a Philippine TV talent search, TV5's Artista Academy is set to be the largest artista search to date.

If you have what it takes to be the next big star, join TV5's Artista Academy and enjoy the prize of stardom! P10 million and the glamorous life of an artista can be yours.

TV5 Artista Academy (Audition Schedule)

If you are 16-21 years old, come to the Artista Academy  grand adition this June 19 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum. Just bring your birth certificate, valid ID and your best glam picture.

Discover fame, fortune and stardom in Artista Academy, opening soon in TV5. For more information, watch the video below:

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Astroboy Wins Talentadong Pinoy 2012 Grand Finals

Posted on May 7, 2012 | 8:17 AM

Hula hoop master Astroboy (real name: Daniel Darwin) from Quezon City was hailed as Talentandong Pinoy 2012 Grand Champion during the talent show's grand finals (Battle of the Champions) held on May 5 and 6 at the Quezon City Memorial Circle.

Astroboy - Talentadong Pinoy Grand Finals Winner 2012
ASTROBOY, Talentadong Pinoy 2012 Grand Finals winner and the 3rd Ultimate Talentado
Eight Hall of Famers battled it out to be this year's ultimate talentado. They were Ayegee (singer) of Marikina City, Melbelline (Kundiman singer) of Guiguinto, Bulacan, Dancing is Fun (ballroom dancing team) of Catarman, Northern Samar, Craig and Samantha (dancing duo) of New Jersey, USA, Astroboy (hula hoop master) of Fairview, Quezon City, Sustantivo (pole dancer) of Holy Spirit, Quezon City, Monica (sand artist) of Hagonoy , Bulacan and the wildcard Rhyzza (soul singer) of San Mateo, Rizal.

Astroboy wowed the viewers with his breath-taking stunts using the fiery hula hoop. He was the 3rd Ultimate Talentadong Pinoy Grand Champion after Joshua, the Yoyo Tricker and Joseph, The Sand Artist.

Watch Astroboy's performance during the Talentadong Pinoy Grand Finals on May 5.

The Ultimate Talentado for 2012 grand winner, Astroboy  will bring home a grand prize package of P1 M cash (tax free), a 4-year college scholarship and a brand new Chevrolet Cruze. He will also have the chance to compete and represent the Philippines in the World Championships of the Performing Arts (WCOPA) in Hollywood.

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Christian Bautista Confirms Talks on Network Transfer

Posted on April 25, 2012 | 10:42 AM

Asia's Romantic Balladeer Christian Bautista confirmed that there has been a talk between him and TV5. Christian admitted that TV5 has offered him an opportunity to host an upcoming reality singing contest in the Kapatid network.

Although there has been talks on network transfer, Christian said that there is noting final yet as he still had a contract with ABS-CBN until August this year.

“Wala pa namang final. Nagkaroon lang ng pag-uusap, ng negotiation. I’m still under contract with ABS-CBN until August. After August, tignan po natin,” said Christian during the press launch of his coffee table book, “First Class.”

“Life goes on, work goes on, but we’ll see if there are opportunities when the contract ends,” he added.

Christian also revealed that his girlfriend, The Kitchen Musical co-star Carla Dunareanu, is also open to working in the Philippines if ever there are opportunities.

“Carla’s staying here until June, looking for work in any channel. Kung merong work kami na makita for her, then why not? Gusto niya i-try dito sa Philippines,” he said. Carla Dunareanu is currently based in Singapore.

“The Kitchen Musical,” a pan-Asian musical series, recently won a Gold World Medal for Best Writing and a Bronze World Medal for Best Performance at the 2012 New York Festival.

“I feel relieved, masaya, kasi na-reward-an kami, ‘yung mga ginawa namin,” Bautista said about their achievement.

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Derek Ramsay Transfers to TV5

Posted on April 2, 2012 | 7:51 PM

Actor Derek Ramsay's big network transfer to TV5 is finally confirmed! Bong Osorio, head of ABS-CBN Corporate Communications break all the speculations and confirms that Derek had chosen to be a Kapatid.

After years of being a certified Kapamilya, Derek decided to transfer to TV5. The said network offered him projects that he can't refuse, according to ABS-CBN.

Here is ABS-CBN's official statement regarding Derek Ramsay's transfer to TV5:

"Derek Ramsay has decided to transfer to TV5. For months, ABS-CBN has exerted efforts to make him stay as a Kapamilya. TV5, however, offered him an amount that was difficult for him to refuse. We thank Derek for the many years he has been with ABS-CBN." 

- Bong Osorio
Head of ABS-CBN Corporate Communications

Derek follows Megastar Sharon Cuneta, Mariel Rodriguez, Willie Revillame and Aga Muhlach in the Kapatid Network (TV5). However, according to reports, Derek Ramsay will maintain his contract with Star Cinema for movies this year and next.

It can be recalled that Derek's movies with Star Cinema are all certified blockbuster hit (No Other Woman, Praybeyt Benjamin).

Despite this network transfer, Derek still joined other Kapamilyas in the Star Magic 20 Tour in Hawaii. This week, Derek is off to Australia for a one-week break.

It is expected that Derek will be the center of media upon his return to the country, asking him about transferring to TV5 and his latest TV projects in the said network.

Do you think Derek made the right decision of leaving ABS-CBN and transferring to TV5?

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ABS-CBN is Leader TV Network on Facebook and Twitter

Posted on January 3, 2012 | 9:46 PM

ABS-CBN is not only the leading TV network in the country today but it is also the leading Philippine TV network online on Facebook and Twitter based on the number of fans and followers.


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